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News And Event Highlights

Travelling Seniors

Men of Rideau Lakes Golf & CC, here's a great opportunity to join Phil & The Travelling Seniors in playing 7 different Eastern Ontario golf courses. Good prices, lunch specials, new friendships - all great reasons to challenge yourself and try different courses in the area. Phil asks that you let him know at least one week ahead of the game date.
Email: Phil Ellis

Golf Canada Membership

Some of you may have recently received an e-mail from requesting that you renew your Golf Canada membership. This is not necessary. Rideau Lakes Golf & CC Manager, Rob Dunfield offers this explanation:

Golf Canada memberships, as decided by the board of RLG&CC, are mandatory for all members. (Social and full members) Both Full & Social members receive Gold Golf Canada memberships and the memberships are included in your club membership dues. At the first of the year, RLGCC Pro Shop renews your Golf Canada membership. Your Gold Golf Canada membership is especially useful for tracking your handicap. But, by going to, you will be able to read all the benefits to which you are entitled as a Golf Canada member

Giant Pumpkin Contest

All Six of our giant pumpkin plants are progressing well. All have adapted to their environments and all have taken good root. Soon, we can expect to see the flowering of the plants. The plants on the left are being raised by Dennis Greenwood and the ones on the right by Bill Dwyer.

Now that you have successfully identified our mystery plants as giant pumpkins, it's time to let you in on what our contest will really be about. Soon we shall be selling tickets that will allow you to guess:

  1. the final weight of the biggest pumpkin,
  2. the combined weight of the biggest three and
  3. the best farmer.

More details to follow: on the plants, what strategies each of our farmers is going to use and when & where to buy tickets.

New Bird Houses

The beauty & interest of Rideau Lakes golf & CC continues to grow. Thank you, John Finlayson & Sue Brown for 10 new bird houses - mainly around the perimeter of the course but also a few between fairways. These bird houses are beautifully construct and finished. Already birds are taking notice. Birds such as swallows, chickadees, nuthatches and bluebirds will be flocking to these new homes.
We are so fortunate at RLGCC to have such great members who are willing to contribute their talents (in this case, woodworking, painting & bird watching) to make this the wonderful course that it is.

Thanks again John, Sue & their supervisor/beer girl, Janet